Institutional sales & trading equity & fixed income

We provide delivery versus payment (DVP), cash and margin accounts to our clients.

Through our London and Bermuda-based trading operations we offer customers traditional personal coverage and direct market access (DMA) execution services for equities. In order to tailor our services to the convenience of our clients we offer a variety of access methods.

Customers who prefer voice communications can access our equity and fixed income trading platforms via telephone where they can speak to our specialised sales professionals.

Our graphical user interface (GUI) enables those who prefer to access our services by Internet to use a fully customised desktop. They can also use Financial Information eXchange (FIX) Protocol and application to connect to their FIX routing engines through standard messaging.

The key to this approach is that clients can use whichever access method suits their needs at the time that they wish to trade. Castle Harbour Securities also offers expert strategic consultation and superior execution for structured products across a range of asset classes. Our expertise covers equities, fixed income, credit, currencies and commodities.

We provide trade execution services in European, North American and Asian equities,

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Fixed income areas

We transact fixed income in the following sectors:

Emerging Markets

  • EMEA corporates and sovereigns
  • LATAM corporates and sovereigns
  • Asia corporates and sovereigns
  • Africa corporates and sovereigns

US & European credit

  • High yield
  • Investment grade
  • Private placements
  • Convertible bonds
  • Emerging market credit and sovereigns

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